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नेपाल  विविध सेवा, राजपत्र अनंकित प्रथम श्रेणी (प्राविधिक), कम्प्युटर अपरेटर नासु वा सो सरह पदको प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षाको सम्भाव्य उत्तरहरू

1.       Bold, Italic, Regular are known asFont Styles
2.       Keyboard Shortcuts to inserts a column break and start a new column immediately?Cltr+Shift+Enter
3.       …….combination of keys are used for paste the textShift+Insert
4.       The A4 paper width/height is….8.27”X11.69”
5.       In Ms Excel, which of the following is an absolute cell reference?$A$1
6.       What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row?Transpose
7.       In Ms Excel, a function inside another function is a……functionNested
8.       Which of the following methods cannot be used to enter data in a cell?Pressing the Esc Key
9.       Which options allows you to bold all the negative values within the selected cell rangeConditional formatting
10.   In excel, by default numeric values appears inRight aligned
11.   What would be result if you type=A1=B1 in cell C1True or False
12.   In Ms Excel, concatenation of text can be done usingAmpersand (&)
13.   In Ms Excel, getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is calledReferencing
14.   Which of the following is not a valid data type in excelCharacter
15.   Which of the following is the correct order of  keywords for SQL SELECT statements?SELECT, FROM, WHERE
16.   In MS ACCESS, technique to speed up data retrieval isIndexing
17.   The technique which define a set of values acceptable for the field  is known asValidation
18.   DDL stands forData Definition Language
19.   ….. is a tool to automate tasks and add functionality to your forms, reports and controlsMacros
20.   Which of the following is not an option when printing handouts?Five  slides per page
21.   ….. Refers to the way things are arranged on a slideSlide layout
22.   What is a motion path?A method of moving items on a slide
23.   Which of the following HTML tag has an attribute called Frame?<frameset>
24.   How can you make a bulleted list?<ul>
25.   How long is an IPv6128 bits
26.   Total number of bits in 1KB is8192 bits
27.   What is the size of source and destination, IP address in IP header?32 bits
28.   Text within <EM>…</EM> tag displays test in …… format.Italic
29.   CAD stands forComputer Aided Design
30.   The  memory which is programmed only at the time of manufacture isROM
31.   A Computer program that converts program into machinie language all at onceCompiler
32.   The ratio of the horizontal length to the vertical length in monitor is calledAspect Ratio
33.   Number of bits in Nepali Unicode character is32bit
34.   Location where the 1st computer instructions available on boot up isBIOS
35.   In NIC specification 10/100/1000 refers toMegabits per seconds
36.   In Electronic Transaction Act of Nepal, the method of digital signature isPrivate-public key
37.   Maximum number of hosts on a local subnet that uses subnnet mask is…30
38.   RS-232 is standard that applies toSerial ports
39.   Hexadecimal value 20 is equivalent to decimal number32
40.   In computing, what is the process by which a running computer system is restated without the need to interrupt the power?Warm Boot
41.   The….folder is the default place that most application want to store data files in.My  Documents
42.   …. Tool helps to reduce file access time form disk.Disk defragmenter
43.   Which is not true for operating system?Solves users actual problems
44.   … allow(s) us to organize our files so we can more easily find them.Folders
45.   What is the keyboard shortcut to create copyright symbol © in MS-WORD?Alt+Ctrl+C
46.   In MS-Word, ‘Cover Page’ option is available in tabInsert
47.   Keyboard shortcut to insert an equation in MS-Word.Alt+=
48.   Not an option in printed watermark of MS WordLogo Watermark
49.   Shortcut key to open the open dialog box in MS-Word isCtrl+F12
50.   What is the maximum number of lines you can set for a drop cap?10


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